FAQ: Why Does God Seem to Answer Only Some Prayers?

FAQ sermon intro 2We  have started a new series called FAQ: Frequently Asked (or Avoided Questions. Over the next several weeks, we will address questions that we all ask in our hearts, but hardly ever voice. Some of them will be controversial, and some of them will challenge us to look closer at God’s Word than we’ve ever looked before.

This week’s question is: Why does God seem to answer to answer only some prayers? Why do some people receive healing, while others die from disease? Why do we sometimes pray and see miracles, but other times God just seems silent? Why does God often seem to intervene in response to our prayers, but not always? The truth is that we may never understand all of the answers to these questions, but there are definitely some principles that can help us understand what God is like, and what He’s up to in our lives. Let’s journey together through some of the FAQs of life.

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What are your thoughts?

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