Munford | Jesus Is _ (5)

On Father’s Day we think of strength and determination.

We think of the courage that we all want to have as men and as Fathers to stand up for what is right. In today’s passage in the book of John, we see all of these characteristics in Jesus Christ. We see that Jesus was definitely not a weak man, but one that was passionate and strong when it came to the things of God. In John 2:13-25, Jesus gets angry. His anger is not selfish, but directed at the abuse of the worship of God and the selfishness of men. He cleans out the temple, and for one golden moment the “church” was what it was supposed to be.

So, today as fathers, may we have the same determination and passion as Jesus to stand up for what is right.

May we have the courage to set a pattern for our families and for the church that our worship is not selfish, but focused solely on Jesus. In the end, may the church be exactly what Jesus wanted it to be. . . a place of prayer. . . a place of grace. . . and a place of healing.

This weeks message from Steve Carpenter is the fifth in the ‘Jesus is _’ series.  If you missed the message or want to hear it again, listen on-line or tune in to our podcast.


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