We received this update from Jeff
on Saturday February, 21.
Jeff and his family serve in Colombia.

Today our volunteer group from Mobile, AL arrives!  On my last trip up the trip on Monday, we were able to meet with the chief of the new village because he was in Operation 10 when we arrived.  We were able to meet all together and talk about plans for this week in our new village we’ll call Tip.  The chief of Tip was more than accommodating and inviting.  We are exciting about this new opportunity because the leaders from Operation 10 are going to lead out by sharing stories in Tip.  Today, I got a message from the volunteer team that said one of the members of the team had issues with his passport.  Then, I get a call from my best friend in Operation 10 today, and he tells me that he is in the hospital with malaria.  All of that to say…PLEASE PRAY!  He was one of our leaders that was going to lead out and share.  Now plans are changing, malaria is a real threat, and the passport drama continues.  I know that the enemy does not want this to be a successful trip in any way.  Please pray for the health and safety of everyone involved on this trip and pray for the leaders from Operation 10 as they step out for the first time to share.  Pray that this will be a successful trip for them as well and see the Lord use them like never before!  Thanks in advance!