UNSTOPPABLE 4We concluded our study of the unstoppable church in the book of Acts.We’ve watched the early church overcome challenge after challenge to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ. We’ve tried to set aside our own notions and experiences about the church and learn from Scripture what it’s really supposed to look like. I’m afraid we fall far short of the beautiful, powerful fellowship of the first century. So, what will we do about it? Are we content to continue on with business as usual? Is it possible that we could experience the same unity, olive, passion, and power as these Spirit filled Christians? The same Spirit that lived in these believers so long ago, also lives in us. He anxiously awaits our surrender to Him and to his plans for the church.

The answer to being like the early church has little to do with schedules, calendars, and events. It has very little to do with buildings and budgets. It has little to do with programs, committees, and meetings. The early church was marked with a deep love for Jesus, and a burning desire to carry His love to the whole world. They never lost sight of the cross. They never lost sight of their first love. They never forgot their task. It was always about Jesus and never about them. may these characteristics come to mark the church at Gateway as we leave behind our notions of church, make the decision to BE the church. May the church once again be UNSTOPPABLE as we reach out to a lost world.

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