1. Find a spot to display Christmas cards from friends and family as they arrive. Spend time enjoying and reading the cards with the kids.
  2. Take the cards down in January when things aren’t so busy. Place them in a basket or napkin holder where you will see them daily, perhaps at the kitchen table.
  3. With the children, pick one card or letter each day and pray for the sender.
  4. Optional: Send a note, text, or email to your friends and let them know you and the kids prayed for them. Don’t let this step keep you from praying if you don’t have time to write a note!
  5. Ask God which people or situations He is laying on your heart. In addition to praying, is there a way to include the kids in providing help, lending a listening ear, or sharing the joy with your friends?
  6. Include the kids in thanking God for the people He has brought into your life!