December 2

Waiting is hard! Take a look around the next time you’re in line. You’ll see people tapping their foot or tapping their thumb on a phone screen. We are conditioned to expect things quickly! With microwaves and two-day shipping we really don’t have to wait often. Christmas is coming and life will definitely get hectic. But one thing that cannot be rushed is the purposeful pace of slowing down to spend time with God.
Will you spend some time slowing down over the next few weeks as we wait for Christmas? Will you take time to seek the Lord through a few moments of prayer and spend some moments reflecting each day? Once there were wise men who sought the Christ-child by following a star. We can emulate their wisdom by seeking the King. 
Advent is an ancient practice of anticipating. It’s all about embracing the expectation. This is a time to enjoy the wait by filling our days with hope that will be fulfilled with Christ’s coming. Each day you’ll read a brief thought and scripture, then spend time reflecting. There’s even a space for you to write a response. Of course, Christmas is a special time for friends, family, and especially children, so at the end of each week we’ve included advent activities to share with others.
As we wait in eager expectation for the arrival of Christ, we proclaim, “Come, Lord Jesus. Come.”  

We’ve loved working to put together this devotion for you and your family this holiday season. Be sure to let us know your thoughts! – Kelley

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