Christmas is a wonder-filled time for children. Whether you’re a mom or grandpa, or a babysitter for your neighbors, each week we’ll share a kid-friendly craft or idea to help introduce the children in your life to Advent. Let’s get to it for week one.

Christmas Star template download here
Yarn or twine (approximately 25 feet for each star)
Cardboard, cotton balls or batting, glue gun & glue sticks, hole punch, scissors


  1. Download and cut out the Christmas Star template.
  2. Trace the star onto cardboard and cut around the edges.
  3. If you’re using batting, cut two pieces of star-shaped batting per ornament.
  4. Make a hole in one of the points of the cardboard star with the hole-punch.
  5. Loop a small piece of twine through the hole. This will be your ornament hanger.
  6. Hot-glue the batting or cotton balls to both sides of the star-shaped cardboard.
  7. Place a small drop of hot glue on the tip of one the star points to attach one end of the twine or yarn and begin wrapping the star.
  8. Continue wrapping the star, periodically placing hot glue in spots where the twine or yarn may slip.
  9. Once the star is completely wrapped, use a small drop of glue to secure the end of the twine or yarn.