Wouldn’t it be amazing to see a genuine Spiritual Awakening in our community?

How exciting would it be to see the Church step out of the shadows and begin to actually BE the church? Our community would never be the same. Homes could be put back together. People would come to Christ every day. The work of God’s Spirit could move uninhibited through the lives of those we love and care about. Wouldn’t it be incredible to see that kind of revival

Every great revival always begins in the church. Real revival has some very important ingredients. Today, in the story of an Old Testament revival, we will see the ingredients of a true Spiritual awakening. King Hezekiah’s story is the most often told story in the Old Testament. It’s found in three different books. It must have been a very significant story to the Israelites as they tried to follow God. Hezekiah’s father, Ahaz, had been one of the most ungodly Kings that Israel had ever seen, and the people were far from God. Hezekiah took over for his father at age twenty-five, and the Bible says that he “did what was right in the sight of the Lord.” He would lead Israel back to God in a most unlikely national awakening!

What would an awakening like that look like in our town and community? It all begins with the church. Today, we’ll see the steps to Spiritual awakening, and decide if we are willing to be “ALL-IN”.

This weeks message from Steve Carpenter is from our Atoka Campus.  If you missed the message or want to hear it again, listen on-line or tune in to our podcast.

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