Our immediate answer to this question might be, “No, I live right here in Tipton County.”

Our idea of a missionary might be limited to those that are serving Jesus in pioneer areas or in a far away land.   This idea could bot be further from the truth.  In reality, if you are a follower of Jesus, you are a missionary.  Our second mistake might be thinking that we are missionaries to our community, while others are missionaries overseas.  Again, this is a mistake in our way of thinking.  The Great Commission (Matthew 28:19-20) was given to all of us, and it clearly states that we are ALL called to take the gospel to every people group in the world! Are we responsible to make disciples of Jesus in our own family and community? Yes! Are we responsible to make disciples in all the world? Yes!

We are missionaries twenty-four hours a day…seven days a week… 365 days per year.  

We are to live out a missional lifestyle in the place God has called us to live and work.  We are to find ways to impact those around us, and to be a part of the transformation of our community for Jesus.  The fact that we are called to live here does not diminish our responsibility to the world.  We must let God show us ways to impact the nations.

First, is it possible that God is calling you to live and serve among people groups that need the gospel? We were blessed this week to have with us the Gautney family, serving in Colombia.  They live and serve among people that desperately need a gospel witness. Is it possible that God is calling you to be this kind of missionary?  Secondly, you have the opportunity to actually go to the nations with the love of Jesus557879_641450302532947_1252983289_n Our church is partnered with Jeff and Erin Gautney and the people of Colombia.  This allows us to concentrate our efforts and see the gospel spread and disciples made among specific people groups.  Would you be willing to go on mission to Colombia or anywhere else in the world? Thirdly, we can all pray and give.  There is nothing more important than prayer.  In addition, each year the money given to the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering goes directly to the work on the mission field all over the world.  Jeff and Erin and thousands of other missionaries rely on these funds to help keep them on the mission field.

So, are you a missionary?

Yes, you are.  Does it extend beyond our own community? Yes, it does.  I pray that we will live out the Christ-life everywhere we go…and may we go everywhere that God leads us!

You are loved,

Bro. Steve