Many times, we find ourselves running from one thing to the next hoping that maybe just maybe, it would satisfy the void in our lives.

Sometimes we see it right away and other times we find ourselves deeply involved before it becomes evident that we have traded God for something else. These things range from material possessions, to friendships, to new jobs, to more money.

In the busyness and the constant reiteration from media that we “need” the next and newest item offered, we find ourselves getting sucked in to the trap.

Just like the woman at the well, she tried to find satisfaction in man and the approval of man. She kept hoping from one man to the next hoping to be satisfied by the next one. However, she found herself on number six and still completely unsatisfied. No human being or material possession will be able to fill your life with the satisfying joy and peace that only salvation through Jesus Christ can offer.

If you find yourself feeling empty or frustrated today, perhaps you have placed your hope and expectation in something other than Christ Himself. Take the time to examine your life now and ask God to expose whatever attempt you have made to fill you life with what only God can completely satisfy.

This weeks message from Jeff Gautney is the eighth in the ‘Jesus is _’ series from our Atoka Campus.  If you missed the message or want to hear it again, listen on-line or tune in to our podcast.

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