Have you ever been in a situation where you felt that you were in over your head and weren’t really sure what to do next?

Maybe you’ve felt that way in your job or school when you were given a task to do something that you just didn’t feel confident about.  That’s how a lot of people feel when it comes to their marriages.  They enter into this relationship and feel really excited but also a little nervous.

Somewhere along the way the excitement can wear off and people panic.

They are left feeling like they don’t really know what to do.   Some don’t know how to fulfill the role that God has given them or even what that role is.  We read books and articles about how to become a better husband or a better wife, but those steps are usually behavior modifications that don’t seem to last very long.  The “feeling” or motivation seems to fade.  It is like building a house and starting with the roof.  What if we were approaching it all wrong?  What if instead of finding the 5 ways to be a better husband or the 5 ways to get your husband’s attention, we looked at it from the foundation up?
**NOTE** We are aware of the less-than-perfect quality of this recording and are working to improve it!!

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