Today many people donate toys and bring them to a family as a gift around Christmas.  The family receiving these gifts may be struggling to get by but may still be seeking the personal dignity that providing for their family brings. They want to buy their own Christmas gifts and give them to their family.

The Christmas with Dignity Store meets that need and desire by providing a store with donated new items available to purchase for those who might typically be unable to afford their own Christmas gifts for their family. This ministry also creates an opportunity to connect with families in need and minister to them beyond the store.

The Christmas with Dignity Store provides donors with a personal satisfaction of helping others, provides children with a better Christmas than they might otherwise receive, and restores personal dignity to our customers by allowing them to buy their own Christmas gifts.

When will the store be open? How does it work?

  • The store will be open on December 7th and 14th
  • Items in the store will be sold for roughly 10% of their full retail value
  • Proceeds will offset the store operations cost and funding to meet any ministry needs identified through interaction with customers
  • Customers will be given a shopping pass to shop at the store. This invitation style approach alleviates the need for screening at the store.
  • The Jernigan Sunday School class is sponsoring the store

So, what can I do?

You can participate through the following activities:

  • Bring toy or food donations starting November 10th through December 1st.  We will be sharing more information on toy and food donation requests.
  • Be a volunteer to help with the setup and/or operation of the store.