gatewayThe church is full of hypocrites! All they really want is your money. The church is judgmental and angry. Church is for people that think they have it all together. Church is boring and lifeless. Maybe you’ve heard some of these ideas about church. Maybe you’ve said some of these things about the church. People in our world today have a definite opinion about the church.  Unfortunately, very often it is not a flattering opinion.  Much of that is our fault.

It hasn’t always been that way. In fact, when the church was brand new, in the book of Acts, the church “had favor with all the people.” (Acts 2:47) That doesn’t mean that everyone believed, or that some weren’t offended by their message. It simply means that the love and grace shown by the early church was undeniable. It means that what people say in their daily lives and in their interactions with others was real and genuine.

What was it that made that early church attractive? It wasn’t their buildings or programs. It wasn’t their music or fellowships. It wasn’t a funny speaker or a buffet line. In Acts 2, we clearly see the things that caused the early church to have the favor of the people. They are the same things that draw people to Jesus and His church today. This week, we looked at Acts 2 and find out what made the difference. Our community is watching the church. What do they see in us?