This weekend, we concluded our series, “Connected: My Life in the Church.” We have learned what it really means to be a member of the Body of Christ. We GATHER in worship together to surrender individually and corporately to our Savior. We GROW in our faith as we enter into community with one another under the Word of God. We GIVE as we use our unique gifts, abilities, and resources to build up the Body and minister to others. Finally, we GO to the world with the gospel that has changed our lives forever. Today, we will study the “glue” that really holds it all together: Prayer. Prayer changes us. Prayer unites the church. Prayer touches the heart of God.

We closed each of our services by observing the Lord’s Supper. There’s an aspect of the Lord’s Supper that we very often miss. It’s the aspect of community and observing the Lord’s Supper together as a church. We might think that the Lord’s Supper is simply about remembering Jesus sacrifice in our hearts. It IS that, but the New Testament says that the early church broke bread from house to house, and that there was a community and relational aspect to it. The word communion itself means “common union.” It brings to mind the word community. There is a common union that brings us together. The actual act of taking communion is a vital part in bringing a church together. As we partake in the Lord’s Supper, we remember the common bond we share as a church, and all that God is doing in and through His people.

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