When you were growing up did your parents have to drag you to church?

Were you secretly hoping that everyone would sleep in on Sunday so that you could eat donuts and play Nintendo instead of going to church? Did you secretly have a fear that the worship leader was going to make you hold hands and sing? Was going to church a chore instead of something that you enjoyed? Maybe we felt that way as kids, and maybe some of us still do. If we have the idea that church is a spectator event, then we might still feel this way. If I’m not really invested in it…and if I believe the show will go on even if I’m not there, then my relationship to the church becomes optional.

Many Christians see the church this way. They don’t really see that they have a purpose. Church is simply something that we attend. The worship leader leads the music, the pastor preaches and we all go home. This is not at all how the Bible describes the church. In fact, everyone of us has a purpose and a role to play in the mission and ministry of the church. The fact is that every one of us is indispensable when it comes to the church.

Today, we will conclude our discussion of the four part process that we go through as we progress in our faith. It’s not just about gathering and growing, it’s also about giving and going! Maybe today you can find your next step to being all that God wants you to be. By the way, your church needs you to do more than eat donuts and play Nintendo!

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