Crosses on the Skyline

A recent post on Facebook showed the New Your City skyline in 1956 with crosses illuminated on many of the buildings at Easter. It was a beautiful sight. The caption was, “There would probably be an uproar today.”

There is no doubt that our culture has changed.

In fact, it has been changing at an alarming rate, and in ways that we never could have imagined only a few decades ago. Being a Christian in the midst of this cultural revolution is not easy. The realities of a changing morality and ever increasing social problems face us as believers at every turn.

What are we to do?

How do we stay true to the Bible, while not alienating and rejecting the world that Jesus came to redeem? How are we supposed to act as Biblical Christians in the changing world in which we live? Fortunately, Jesus and the New Testament writers did not leave us without instruction.

Over the next several weeks, we will be looking at some of the cultural issues of our day, what Scripture has to say about them, and how Biblical Christianity can address them in a redeeming way. Now is the time for the church to be clear, both on what we believe and on the beauty of the gospel! Seeing crosses on the skyline is beautiful. What is even more beautiful is the cross shining through His people!


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One thought on “Crosses on the Skyline

  1. April wilson says:

    Thank you for the timely message brother Steve. Good reminders. At times when I talk to my gay or lesbian friends I have to hold back my anger and ask myself what my true motives and heart intentions are. My goal is always to win them over to Christ but sometimes my pride to be right gets in the way. I want to show them love but the enemy wants me to hate, so that I push them away and they eventually reject God completely because of my actions. If they see God as hateful then I haven’t represented God very well like you said. Compassion and love wins a person’s heart. When we win a persons heart it leaves room for them to hear the word of God. Thank you again for all the good reminders. Donald and I sure miss your sermons. We have struggled with the west coast churches because no body addresses the elephants in the room. It’s like you said, we can’t just ignore it, we need to make a stand for what is right. A lot of the churches out here in Cali just want to make everyone feel good and say what their itching ears want to hear. We are somewhat discouraged over finding a church. We have joined one but it’s just not quite what we are looking for. We have never in the 32 years we have been married, struggled so hard to find a church. We’ve visited every church in our area and there is always something missing and I believe what’s missing is real preaching from God’s word. There seems to be a glossing over and watering down God’s word so no one is offended. Pastors seem afraid and timid to preach what is right. They want to be popular with the people and put on a show to keep people interested. Just give me Jesus! Amen? I pray for God’s spirit to sweep across the land and open people’s eyes and ears to His word so that they may repent and truly be saved. Be blessed brother Steve. Praise God!
    April Wilson

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