Have you ever been disappointed? Disappointment can be defined as “the feeling of sadness or displeasure that happens when there is a gap between your expectations and reality.”

Maybe someone that you trusted really let you down. Maybe you expected things were going to happen in a certain way, but reality turned out differently. It might be possible that you are disappointed in the way your life has turned out. You had great dreams and goals, but very few of them seem to be coming to pass in reality. You might even be disappointed in God…you don’t really think He’s done things right in your life. He’s not done what you expected.

The truth of the matter is that everyone gets disappointed in life. No one is immune to disappointment. The key is in how we handle it.

Today, we are going to study a man that was truly disappointed. His life wasn’t turning out the way he hoped, and God was not dealing with his problem the way he thought he should. II Kings chapter 5 tells the story of a man named Naaman, and how he overcame discouragement. How will you deal with it?

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