Do you believe in divine appointments? Do you think that God sometimes supernaturally sets up a meeting or situation so that someone can see His love?  Does God ever bring calendartwo people together at the perfect time and place, so that His work can be accomplished in the hearts of one or both?  If so, just how far would God go to  make this happen?

The book of Acts is full of “divine appointments”.  The most obvious is in Acts 8 between a man named Philip and an Ethiopian ruler.  The results of this meeting changed the life of the Ethiopian and likely changed the fate of literally millions of people in the years that followed.  What is even more amazing is how far God went to be sure that this meeting took place at the right time and place.

Is it possible that God has you at the right place and the right time to respond to Him?  Is this the time or season in your life that God ha supernaturally arranged for you to see His love and grace like never before?  Good will go to great lengths to be sure that you have the chance to respond to Him.  A love that reaches across continents and every racial and social barrier, reaches out tot you today.  Do you believe in divine appointments?