Sometimes life doesn’t go as planned. Dreams are devastated. Hope gets erased.

The crucifixion of Jesus had this effect on his followers. They had expected him to be a rescuer. . . a Savior. . . their Messiah. Instead the religious leaders and the Romans had crucified him on a cross. Everything they had placed their hope in was gone and the man they loved so deeply was cold in the grave. Early on Sunday morning, after the crucifixion, a heart broken Mary made her way to the tomb just to say goodbye to the One that had changed her life forever. He had loved her, forgiven her, and taught her more than anyone ever had. Now, he was gone. Her life would never be the same.

Maybe that’s right where you are today. Your dreams have been devastated. The struggles of life have overwhelmed you and your hope is gone. In the midst of Mary’s weeping, she stooped to look into the tomb and found it to be empty.  The Bible goes on to say that she left that day with GREAT JOY! The fact of the resurrection and the fact that Jesus was alive changed everything!

The empty tomb changes the way we look at life. If God can do that, then He can do anything. Our problems and struggle are nothing in light of a God that can raise the dead. It also changes the way we look at death. Death itself has no power over us, if the very one that overcame death lives in us. Not only that, but we are promised that since Jesus lives, He is present with us all the time.

Mary looked in the tomb and it changed everything. Do you have the courage to look in the tomb today? What you will see there has the power to change everything.

What do you believe?

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