What is the church? Is it a place we come to?  Is it an activity we do out of obligation each and every week? Is it a social club or a community center? Could it be that the church is a whole lot more than any of these things?

The Bible describes the church as a family!  A church loves and cares for one another like a family.  The church is people. YOU are the church! When the church is not in session, the church is still existing and operating …it’s just spread out all over the community serving each other and the world.  In addition, the church is also described as a body. It is one body, but there are many different parts of the body that do very different things.  In the church, we are not all alike. (Thank goodness!) In fact, in Ephesians 2:10, we are told that God has created us as a “masterpiece”. You may not feel like one, but God has created you just like you are for His purposes.  You are perfectly shaped to do something great for God! We have different gifts, abilities, experiences, personalities, and interests all designed to honor God and minister to others.  In Romans 12:1-18, we are told that we are to take that uniqueness and USE it!

Many people never realize or believe that God can use them.  Most ministry that takes place in the church is accomplished by 20% or less of its members.  Many church members live out their lives without finding that special way to impact the world. The church is a “sleeping giant”.  Can you imagine what would happen if 100% of a church’s members decided to use their gifts, talents, abilities, experiences, and interests to join together to serve each other and the world?  What if this gifted church moved out from the building every week and used all that they had to serve and love and point people to Jesus?

There is a place for you! God made you like you are, and brought you through your struggles so that He can USE those things for eternal purposes! Let’s wake up the Sleeping Giant and see what God will do!