The subject of Heaven always raises the interest of believers. If we are going to spend all of eternity there, we’d like to know what it’s going to be like! The Bible gives us just enough information to fuel our imagination, and excite us about what is ahead for those that love Christ. The thoughts of being reunited with loved ones, resting from the trials of this world, and seeing what the Bible describes as a place that is beyond our imagination all pale in comparison with the thought of actually seeing Jesus and being with Him forever!

Some see Heaven as a place of boredom where we will float on clouds and sing Chris Tomlin songs for all of eternity, (not a bad thought)! It seems to me that the Bible really teaches that Heaven will be so much more! In fact, it just might be a place of great activity an purpose and certainly never-ending joy. Today, enjoy the thoughts of Heaven, and make sure beyond any doubt that when you die or when Jesus comes back, that this will be your forever place!

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