As men, we are taught that we are to be the Spiritual leaders of our homes. However,  most men feel as though they fail miserably as this great task. Sometimes failure is out of laziness or sin in our lives. Sometimes failure might be because men really don’t understand what we are being asked to do. What does Scripture really say about being the Spiritual leader of our homes? It’s far more than just getting everyone out of bed on Sunday mornings (although that is very important!).Happy_Fathers_Day_Denim_Still_HD It’s far more than just saying the blessing at dinner time each night. So, men what does the Bible say about our Spiritual leadership? Today, we are going to see that we are to be the ” pastors” of our homes, and that our leadership is critical to everyone around us. Perhaps as we understand what we are called to do, we can lean on the only One that can give us strength to do it.


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