The “go’ portion of our G4 contains an exciting element of following Christ.

The faith and trust in the LORD to step out of your comfort zone and to share the gospel is invigorating! To do that in another country, in a different language, and in a different cultural setting, has elements of mystery, adventure, and excitement involved. What we have discovered in this generation is an insatiable desire for adventure seeking and to go ‘on mission’ to another country. While that sounds exciting, this generation is not currently walking with the LORD as they should nor are they sharing the gospel in their own language and culture. They re skipping those steps to do the extreme thing because that is what gets more recognition and is more appealing.

Instead of rushing through this life, as this American culture desires to push us, we must fight against it to simply sit at the feet of Jesus first before we ever attempt to “go:.

Dive in with us today was we look at this truth found in the story of Mary and Martha. Our prayer is that you will be challenged to share your faith with those around you and to the ends of the earth, but not until you have sat at the feet of Jesus first!

In this message, Jeff Gautney, our Associate Pastor of Missions talks about the final ‘G’ in G4: GO! If you missed the message or want to hear it again, listen on-line or tune in to our podcast.

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