Maybe you’ve seen the bumper sticker that reads, “It’s not a religion, it’s a relationship.” This statement is, without a doubt, true. Many people have been led astray by religion.” Perhaps you have spent years of your life trying to be “religious” but feeling as though you were never really good enough. Religion demands that we achieve or maintain forgiveness and acceptance from God based on how good we can be, instead of forgiveness that Christ offers.

The early believers in Colossae were being confused by those that were judging them based on a set of man-made standards. Paul warns them of the dangers of “religion” and points them back, as always, to Jesus. Paul makes it clear that keeping a set of laws and standards to impress God is of absolutely no value when it comes to changing the heart. Only Jesus can do that, and only then can be truly obedient. So, are you religious or are you in a relationship that is changing your from the inside out?

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