Colossians: Go DeeperAfter spending all summer in the book of Colossians, we reach the final chapter today! We have been challenged to go deeper in so many ways. We have been reminded that Christ is not just part of our lives, but He is our life! We’ve come face to face with the preeminence and centrality of Christ in all things. We’ve been challenged to live a transformed life, and been given beautiful pictures of what that life looks like in our everyday lives. As Paul nears his final words to this church, he returns to the mission that has consumed his life. We are reminded in chapter 4 that it is very important how we pass on this incredible message of the gospel to others. He reminds us that there are “outsiders”, or those that are still unchanged and unforgiven. In this chapter, Paul describes in great detail how we are to relate and communicate to a world that desperately needs Jesus. Isn’t this one of our great challenges? How can we pass on this truth, this relationship that has changed our lives, and do it in a way that draws people to Jesus instead of pushing them away? Paul gives us a blueprint of how we relate to the culture around us. It doesn’t look like you might think. Here’s a hint: It involves more than just words and there is no time to waste!

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