Davidson Mission Scholarship

Charles & Janice Davidson

This scholarship was created to support a man or woman that desires to team up with one of our strategic mission partners nationally or internationally for a one to three month term.

Charles and Janice Davidson were charter members of Gateway. They have always loved being involved in church and the community. Charles was a deacon and a church treasurer in every church he was a member. Janice has been a Sunday School teacher, Acteen leader and director, Community Bible Study Fellowship leader and regional director.  

They helped with many Backyard Bible Clubs and Vacation Bible Schools over the years. They also served at the International Baptist Mission Church in downtown Memphis. One Sunday a month, they took groups of teen girls to the Veteran’s Hospital to share the gospel and meet the patient’s needs.  Throughout the years, they often visited several nursing homes to spread the love of God.

Melinda, their daughter, recalls, “One Sunday a month, they took groups of us girls to the Veteran’s Hospital to share the gospel and meet the patient’s needs.  Throughout the years, they often took us to visit several nursing homes. Our summer vacations were either mission trips or church camps. My parents went on numerous missions trips including  Ohio, Colorado, Michigan, Chile, Turkey, Thailand, and St. Kitts. Plus, They contributed mission trip money to numerous people over the years.”

In July 2018, while Charlie was in the hospital,  he encouraged his daughter to go on her planned mission trip to Guatemala. When she called to tell him  a sixteen year-old young girl had just become a Christian. He gave a thumbs up! For his 80th birthday party,  he asked people to donate to mission trips instead of giving him presents.  In so many ways, Charles and Janice lived every day on mission.

This Scholarship Fund to benefit missions is a fitting way to honor Charles and Janice. They have impacted the kingdom in so many ways.

Requirements & Expectations:

  • must be an active member of Gateway
  • must be presently living out the Great Commission in Tipton County
  • must demonstrate a health walk with the Lord – including a description of daily walk with the Lord
  • must have experience in serving in ministries locally
  • must be able to present the gospel in a clear & concise manner
  • must be able to describe daily walk with the Lord
  • spiritual gifts and talents must match the work
  • must provide 3 references (non-family)
  • will be required to keep a daily prayer journal before and during service
  • will have an interview process with Mission Pastor and Mission Team prior to approval
  • must be self-motivated in contacting mission partner
  • reports to Mission Pastor about plans and work to be done prior to serving.

Mission Partners  

  • River City Church in Vancouver, WA
  • Church 180 in Montrose, CO
  • Tennant Family in Ahuano, Ecuador
  • Cole Family in “Pepper Port”,  Indonesia
  • Shirey Family  in Madrid, Spain