Families fall away from church.

This scenario plays out over and over again in churches all over the place. They tried, but they just weren’t growing so they stopped going. They “fall through the cracks.”

When we become followers of Christ, we are given the great treasure of becoming a church member. But, that’s just the first step in a journey. We grow up. As we mature, we’re no longer “children in our faith”. We begin to look like Jesus. We are “conformed into the image of His Son”. Other believers help us. We speak “the truth to each other in love . . .every part is doing its share for the growth of the body”.

How does this happen? How does a person go from seeking and questioning to reflecting Him? What part does the church play?

The first part of the journey is to gather together in worship. We learn about the love of Jesus and see it in others. But, we don’t become like Jesus in a one hour worship service. The next step is the building of relationships in the body so that we can GROW. This means we “consider one another in order to stir up love and good works”. (Hebrews 10:24)

We think carefully not just about ourselves, but others. (Phil 2:4) You can deliberately think about other believers and their growth. We don’t live to and for ourselves. This is totally counter-culture! So ponder this: How can I stir up my brothers and sisters to grow in their faith? God created us for relationship. It is our responsibility to place ourselves in an environment where that can happen. We grow as the Word of God dwells in us, but it happens in relationship to each other. These things intersect in a small group.

What are some ways you can motivate others with the result of all of us loving better and living out our faith better because of each other?

Coming soon, we’ll tell you what a healthy small group looks like. PLUS, other than GATHER and GROW, there are two more parts to this journey of staying connected.  Don’t miss a thing, subscribe today.

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