Doing Life Together

This phrase describes Gateway’s small group philosophy better than anything else. We believe that real spiritual growth happens best when we team together with others to grow spiritually and be on mission together.

Jesus had a small group of twelve that he did life together with. There is no question that they laughed together, ate together, and cried together. No doubt they dealt with grief, sickness, failure, even death right beside each other. So what was so transformational about this relationship between Jesus and his twelve? All of life, from the stormy seas to hunger pains, was experienced with Jesus and one another. They were not just doing life. They were doing life together. They were doing life together with Jesus. This is what our small groups are all about: Doing life together with Jesus!

Get involved in a group! Find out how.

Ongoing Groups

These small groups meet together at various times during the week. There is a place for anyone at anytime. For more information, check out our Ongoing Groups page.

Short Term Groups

These groups meet weekly to delve into a particular book of the Bible or to study a specific topic.  For more information check out our Short Term Groups page. 

Ongoing Groups

Gateway’s ONGOING groups are. . . OPEN   This means that there is a place for anyone…anytime. BIBLE CENTERED   True change can only really happen as we study and apply God’s Word to our lives and relationships. ALL ABOUT COMMUNITY   Developing deep, lasting friendships results in discipleship and growth. ON MISSION   Groups are constantly looking for … Continue reading Ongoing Groups

Find A Group

Gateway Groups are for every age and any part of life. We have classes that meeting throughout the week. It’s important for you to  get connected quickly. ATOKA | Adult Groups: SUNDAY 9:15AM Teacher Location Ages & Description Barry Akin 901-497-3901 Daryl Walker 901-506-4638 Gateway – Atoka Main Building S103 Couples & Co-ed Median & Empty … Continue reading Find A Group

Short Term Groups

ATOKA CAMPUS In the fall and spring, at the Atoka Campus on Wednesday evenings there are short-term small group studies.  While other books may be used to facilitate study, the Bible is the center of these classes. True change can only really happen as we study and apply God’s Word to our everyday lives and … Continue reading Short Term Groups