This Christian life is a team sport.

It is a group effort. There Are No Lone Ranger Christians.
God uses community to grow us.

How does a family find the kind of relationships where they can grow? It means going beyond the large group environment of the gathering.

Small Groups

There are parts of our spiritual growth that can only happen when we are around a healthy, authentic group of people that are also growing. Sunday School…Life Group…Core Group…
whatever the name, it’s more than a group that meets and goes over a lesson. A healthy group ministers together. They are on mission together. A small group loves each other! Over time, you will begin to look like Christ as you have accountability before God and offer it to others. You need it and you need to watch others live it out.

Show me someone that is consistently strong in their faith; and I’ll show you someone that’s hanging out with dedicated people. Show me a person that believes all the right stuff, who has prayed the prayer and walked the aisle, but struggles with their faith on the job and at home; and I’ll show you someone who’s not connected and not accountable to other believers.

Let’s be honest.

Some weeks. . . it may be tough to go. Busyness. A bad attitude. Stress. No time to spare. But you go any way and when you get there and God speaks. He has something for you to GET or GIVE (or both).

Many of us have a built in resistance to relationships. We don’t think we need others. Think about this:
When you take a new job, you enter relationship to make money.
When you go to school, you enter relationship to get an education.
When you join a team, you enter relationship to win a championship.
You enter new relationships for WALLET, WISDOM, & WINS. Why would you hesitate for the sake of your WALK WITH GOD? This will impact eternity!

It’s time for some of YOU to be in this kind of relationship. Coming soon, we’re going to start BRAND NEW groups at GroupLink. Are you ready?

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