The book of Lamentations is a sad book. The mere title of the book contains the word “lament”. It is literally Jeremiah’s weeping over his sins and the sins of the land of Judah. He is lamenting as he watches the judgment of God come upon his people as a result of their rebellion. Jeremiah reveals his unhappiness and depression over and over again. In fact, as you read Lamentations, it becomes very clear tat Jeremiah is in need of a therapist! He’s lost hope. Maybe you have lost hope as well. Perhaps you are lamenting over things that you have done, or weeping over the sin and destruction you see in others. Maybe Jeremiah’s words of sadness are your words as well.

Despite the circumstances, there was inded hope. Jeremiah found that hope in the character of God. Despite His discipline, there were some things about God’s character that Jeremiah found great hope in. So can you. In the middle of chapter 3 we are reminded that God’s mercies never cease. . .His compassion never fails. . .His faithfulness is great. . .and that He is forever good. Jeremiah chose to anchor himself to God’s character in the midst of his brokenness. Will you?

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