We are pleased to offer a new Bible Study for women. Lean in as Lisa explains why she choose this study:

“Admitting you have a problem is always the first step, right?

So here goes. I have a problem with wanting to control things. I began looking for a Bible study that would teach me to allow God to truly control all things in my life. I came across a study entitled “Let It Go”.  So after twirling around the house sing Disney’s hit song “Let It Go” from the  movie Frozen (you know you do it too), I took a closer look at what this author had to say. 

The first comment I saw was “God called and He’d like His job back.” Ouch!  No one likes to be called out.  However, how much easier would our jobs be as wives, mothers, stay at home moms, and women in the workforce if we truly let it go and allowed God to control.  I so need to learn what I should control and how I need to trust God with what I can’t control.  Most importantly, I need to learn which is which. 

If you struggle with control issues, or just need a group of ladies to study God’s word with, consider joining me beginning Wednesday, May 13th, as we study Let.It.Go. How to Stop Running the Show & Start Walkin in Faith.” -Lisa Burgess

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