together we make a differenceThis weekend, we started a new series called “Life Together” as a follow up to last week’s “Greater Together” service. What does a church look like that loves God, seeks, God, and serves God hove all else? How do we relate to each other that the goals set forth last week can be accomplished? Over the next several weeks, we will look at several characteristics of a people committed to loving, seeking, and serving God.

This weekend, we looked at intentional discipleship. In Matthew 28:16-20, Jesus gave his church its greatest command. He told us that we were to make disciples. What does that really mean? What is a disciple? How does that become our priority, and what does it look like? To truly live life together as the body of Christ, means that we are intentional about discipleship. It means that we do it on purpose, and that it marks our fellowship.

As we dive into the Great Commission, may we look at it in a fresh way. We’ve heard it so many times, but may our hearts be moved to understand it and commit ourselves to it like never before. May we be a people living lives together marked by intentional discipleship!