A margin is something that creates room around the edge or border of something. We see this in a sheet of notebook paper. It simply denotes “space” that is open or clear.

One of the great challenge in life is to create open and clear space in our lives for the most important things. Our daily lives get cluttered and busy and the most important spiritual things get crowded out.

As we start out the new year, what better time than now to create some margin in our lives; some clear open space for the things God desires most.

Don’t think this will be easy. It is the enemy’s greatest desire to keep us busy, even with good things, so that we miss the best things. There are some things that we will have to set aside to create margin in our lives; even things that we may like a lot! We will have to do things differently, and we will have to make hard choices as to how we will spend our time. Are you ready to create some margin in your life?

The rewards are out of sight! Creating margin for the things of God always results in drawing closer to Him and finding deeper purpose in the life He’s given us. Even Jesus has to create margin to walk with the Father. Do you have the same need?

What a great goal for 2019!