Kids Club – FAQ

What are Kids Clubs? Simply put, it is VBS in our neighborhoods! Same thing, different location.

What is the purpose behind Kids Clubs? Share the hope of Jesus with kids in our community!

When and where will this take place? Yards and parks all over our community. Map coming soon!

Who will lead? The church! Each location is led by church members, preferably in the neighborhood they live. If needed, members will be placed on a team that is in need of workers. This is a great way for families to minister together in our neighborhoods.

How can I volunteer? You may fill out the form here or in the connection center. We need church members from middle school on up to take a role in leadership for our teams. Volunteers must complete a background check before working with children.

What positions are needed? Bible Story, crafts, music, snacks, and recreation. Each Kids Club also needs a Team leader, who can also fill one of the other roles.

Do I have to provide my own materials? Each team will be given curriculum and supplies to carry out their Kids Club.

What age group is this for? We are opening each VBS to kids that have completed Pre-K-5 grades. This is open to all children. Gateway kids are encouraged to attend one this summer and be missionaries in their community!

What about kids younger than Pre-K age? Each team can get creative on how to include or care for their younger preschoolers. We encourage parents to attend with their younger preschooler. For leaders kids, this is a great opportunity to begin teaching them about ministering together.

How do I register children? Online registration will be available for each site as dates are announced. If there is not a Kids Club in your neighborhood, consider having your kids go to a neighborhood where their unchurched friends are and invite them to come!

Are there any upcoming trainings? Yes! Watch for news about a Kids Club Rally each year. If you miss out, one of the Kids Club Leadership team members will be happy to meet with you.

What if I am unable to help at a particular site? There are many things you can do! Small Groups are encouraged to host a club. Every member may not be able to attend, but everyone can pray. Some other things you can do are invite families to attend a club, help provide snacks, or follow-up with families afterward. However you choose, you can get involved in this mission!

What do the team members do?

Host: Safety/security, snacks, promotion, being Available to talk with neighbors, promotion, and follow-up
Team Leader: Team recruitment, schedule, communication, promotion, registration, and follow-up
Music/Worship: Promotion, Prepare music and opening/closing times each day, assist others as needed, and follow-up
Bible Study: Promotion, prepare and lead the Children’s Bible Study each day, and follow-up
Craft: Promotion, conduct each craft rotation. Gateway’s Kids Club leadership will select, plan, and gather resources, club leaders will be provided a kit with materials for all kids before the club. Assist others as needed and follow-up
Recreation: Promotion, select, plan and gather resources for daily games & continue connections. assist others as needed, and follow-up
Floater/Sub: Promotions, extra hands available to help wherever needed, and follow-up

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