Life can be busy and complicated. Trying to juggle a job, family life, sports, community, and even church can wear us out and cause us to wonder what is really important in life. It seem like everything we do is rushed, and a real sense of fulfillment is hard to come by. At times, it seems like the most important things are the last on our list of urgent demands. How do we decide what is most important in life? An even better questions is: How can I be sure that the most important things get accomplished?

Jesus was asked this very question by a man a long time ago. In Jesus’ answer, we see the most important things in life and we begin to understand what really needs to come first in our lives as well. If we can step back from all of our responsibilities and busyness, it becomes clear that life as Jesus described it is not so complicated. In fact, we might find that as we follow His lead, we might find the fulfillment and purpose we’ve been looking for all along.

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