Whether you are constructing a house, getting a degree, raising a family, or growing a church, your foundation has to be sure and secure. If you cut corners or fail to plan properly, your foundation could crumble, and all of your efforts might be in vain. Builders use a “plumb line” to be sure everything is straight so that what they are building will stand the test of time. At Gateway, we have a set of Plumb Lines taken from God’s Word that are designed to keep us on track and keep everything straight. They help us make sure that we are building something that will last. Our plumb lines are short statements of the things we value most as a church. They capture who we are and where we are headed.

They are the threads that weave the fabric of Gateway’s identity as a church and our mission as a congregation. 

Today’s Plumb Line is perhaps the most important when it comes to living out our faith day to day. What causes us to do what we do as followers of Christ? Why do we keep on loving people even when they don’t seem to care? Why do sacrifice money and time and effort in order to minister to others? Why do we get up week after week and come to a building to worship a God we can’t see? Why is it that we would travel all over the nation and world to share a message of forgiveness and love and grace? 

This plumb line tells us what keeps us going. It’s what compels us. It’s what pushes us out on the mission God has given us? 

This message is from Steve Carpenter is from our Atoka Campus.  If you missed the message or want to hear it again, listen on-line or tune in to our podcast. 

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