An army of volunteers from Gateway will be going out to spread kindness in a variety of ways this week!  We want to start a movement by spreading the love of Jesus in practical ways all over our community.

Here are some of your stories of

Random Acts of Kindness:

a warm gift for a neighbor

a warm gift for a neighbor

for the deli lady

for the deli lady




These were left at a RedBox


for the next person in line at the grocery store


Someone called the church and said that a GBC member paid for their lunch at DQ. They had had a terrible day and had some major life issues and it was such an encouragement.


Delicious home cooked dinner brought to employees at a local business.




A classroom gift


Letting the before school ladies at Austin Peay Elementary know how much they are appreciated and loved. I see them up there early every morning, while I am running, ready to come take care of those precious kiddos. -we brought pumpkin muffins, dark chocolate cocoa and arm-knitted scarves to warm them up!


Thank you gifts for our fireman: homemade cookies & hot chocolate!

do kindness

“I just paid for a lady’s breakfast at IHOP and sent a Random act of Kindness card to her. She told the waitress that that is the 3rd time that has happened to her! 3rd time a Christian has done that for her! Tell me the Lord isn’t working on her!”



Layton did some random acts today by giving away some of her chickens eggs! She feeds, waters and collect eggs daily from her chickens. This was her special way of sharing the love of Jesus.




Dinner, anyone?


How about lunch for employees at a local business!


Gotta have popcorn for movie night!

IMG_2693 IMG_2694


Just in time for the arctic freeze.


We bought a beautiful arrangement of flowers and a balloon. Then gave them to the florist. We told her SHE is beautiful and Jesus LOVES her!


The lady that lives next door is a widow. We try to take care of her throughout the year. This week, it was covering her faucets in time for the cold snap.

kindness of kids with candy

These sweet children are so excited to do their random act of kindness. They have been sitting at the end of our driveway giving away free candy and drinks for the past two hours. So proud of them!

 2013 Random Acts of Kindness Day

GE DIGITAL CAMERAI made cupcakes for Dani’s birthday so decided I’d treat my mail carrier on Tues. 10/08/13. She said it made her day to find a sweet treat she’d been craving( she ate it on the spot) and an ice cold soda, along with a note of appreciation .

GE DIGITAL CAMERAIn my mail at that same time was a sweet card and note from an old friend who was prompted to pray for me and let me know she misses me.  How ironic is that?  We can never outgive God. -Pat Ward

They nurses and doctors that took care of Mom while she was recovering from heart surgery was the best. They were all very nice and attentive to her needs. When we checked her out on Monday I took them a thank you card and some cookies. We got the surgery team a card for Mom to take on Wednesday to her follow up appointment. So thankful for there skill and caring heart.


IMG_0025Her smile tells the story!

IMG_0007 Behind that Random Act of Kindness card is a gift card to Chick-Fil-A.

IMG_0006 IMG_0005

 Popcorn is a must with a movie.  It tastes better when it’s free!


a surprise at CoinStar


Home baked goodies for local businesses, delicious!


Even the littlest members of our faith family get involved!


cookies for the waiting room at the hospital


These girls went door-to-door giving out little bouquets.  It was an extra special honor to pray for some of their neighbors.


The 7th & 8th grade boys worked at the food pantry.


Pay for the coffee for the person behind you in line!



Or just hand them a gift card!

What’s YOUR story of kindness?