Isn’t it amazing that we wait until we are in big trouble to call on God?

Wouldn’t it just be easier to obey in the first place? Yet, somehow we always find ourselves crying our to God in the middle of a huge mess that we have created ourselves. We would think that maybe he might ignore us when we cry to Him, the very same way that we have ignored Him. We might expect Him to punish us or chide us for calling out to Him.

Instead, we find that the opposite is true.Jonah main image

The book of Jonah tells us that in our cry of distress, He actually hears us. Even more than that, he answers us. Did you hear that? God hears us in our desperation and rebellion even when the mess is our own creation! That’s the grace of God. Jonah learned the lessons of grace and discipline in the belly of the fish. Maybe we can learn them today, and avoid some of the pain that Jonah experienced.

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