Jesus clearly says in Matthew chapter 5 that believers are to be the “salt of the earth.” Salt has always been valuable in human society, especially in the days of Jesus. The Romans believed that, except for the sun, nothing was more valuable than salt. Often Roman soldiers were paid in salt, and it was from that practice that the expression “not worth his salt” originated. In some societies, salt was a mark of friendship. If two persons shared salt, it indicated mutual responsibility to look after each other’s welfare and safety. You were obligated to treat them as a friend. It was also used to bind covenants and to make agreements. There is no doubt that those who heard Jesus’ words would have understood the value of salt.

So, when Jesus says to his followers that they are “salt” it certainly meant that they had a huge role in influencing the world in valuable ways. Salt adds flavor it preserves good. Salt creates thirst and it stings when it reveals a wound. All of these are analogies of the influence that followers of Jesus can have on the world today. Jesus certainly wanted HIs followers to know that they had very important role int he world around them. What about you/ Are you using your life, hour saltiness, to influence the people around you? Have you allowed the saltiness of your life a s Christian to lose its flavor and impact? May God teach us today to seize the opportunity to make a difference in our world!

This message was recorded on June 9, 2019