No one likes being stuck.
Stuck in the mud.
Stuck in traffic.
Stuck in a meeting.

Unfortunately, getting stuck is a part of life.
We can get stuck in relationships. . .finances. . . attitudes. . . thoughts. . .even churches can get stuck. We can also find ourselves stuck spiritually. We can be “stuck in the middle” when it comes to our faith. Things might not be terrible, and things might not be great, we’re just stuck in the middle. . . going nowhere in our faith. We may find ourselves in the same place spiritually year after year after year. . . or maybe even slipping when it comes to our faith.

God wants us to get out of the middle. He doesn’t want us stuck spiritually, but constantly moving forward. Over the next few weeks, we’ll use the book of Proverbs as our guide as we get out of the mud, and out of the middle spiritually.

Getting stuck is a part of life. Staying stuck is a choice we make day after day. Are you willing to do what it takes to move out of the middle, and move forward with Jesus?

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