Hope in Brokenness

The book of Lamentations is a sad book. The mere title of the book contains the word “lament”. It is literally Jeremiah’s weeping over his sins and the sins of the land of Judah. He is lamenting as he watches the judgment of God come upon his people as a result of their rebellion. Jeremiah reveals his unhappiness and depression over and over again. In fact, as you read Lamentations, it becomes very clear tat Jeremiah is in need of a therapist! He’s lost hope. Maybe you have lost hope as well. Perhaps you are lamenting over things that you have done, or weeping over the sin and destruction you see in others. Maybe Jeremiah’s words of sadness are your words as well.

Despite the circumstances, there was inded hope. Jeremiah found that hope in the character of God. Despite His discipline, there were some things about God’s character that Jeremiah found great hope in. So can you. In the middle of chapter 3 we are reminded that God’s mercies never cease. . .His compassion never fails. . .His faithfulness is great. . .and that He is forever good. Jeremiah chose to anchor himself to God’s character in the midst of his brokenness. Will you?

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You’ll Get Through This: Advice from the Pit

imgresFrom the bottom of a pit, Joseph realized that his world would never be the same. Betrayed, abused, and left for dead by his own family. To call it a tragedy would be an understatement. Slavery, false accusations, and imprisonment were ahead of him. Life had taken a sudded turn, and it wasn’t for the better. Life can do this to any of us. A lost job…a disastrous diagnosis…someone else’s evil act… a tragic accident…a divorce…and life is never the same. We fall into a pit from which we think we might escape.

In the pit, Joseph never lost hope. He kept a firm hold on his faith, and let God do His work. Joseph figured out how to take the blows of life, and hold onto all the things He knew about God. He avoided bitterness and embraced forgiveness despite circumstances that would have buried most in a wave of self-pity, anger, and depression. How did he do it? What did Joseph understand that we need to understand in the middle of our disaster? Today, in the midst of despair and hurt, we will hear advice from the pit. IN Joseph’s life, we’ll see the attitudes and the truths that will help us when we think we won’t make it.

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You’ll Get Through This: Breakfast Is Ready

imgresFailure, sin, and defeat. Have you been there? Is there failure in your past or present that causes you to think that you will never be the same? Have you done something so bad or failed Jesus so completely that you feel like He could never forgive you or use you? If so, you are not alone. One of Jesus’ greatest followers, Peter, failed Him miserably. He walked away. He deserted Jesus when He needed Him him the most. He ran from Jesus, and was convinced that Jesus could forgive him. You, too, may be keeping Jesus at arm’s length because you feel like you’ve failed HIm or walked away from Him. You may think that your relationship with Jesus is forever damaged.

Take courage. Jesus pursued Peter. On the beach of a beautiful lake, Jesus did something that Peter would never forget. In the midst of his failure, Jesus came after Peter. He pursues us today as well. What Jesus did for Peter, He’ll do for you. Whatever your failure… whatever your sin… you’ll get through this because Jesus takes great joy in restoring our hope, and forgiving our sin. By the way, breakfast is ready!

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