What’s Happening?

For many months now we have been talking and planning for a second campus in Munford. As we move forward toward 2016, it really is happening! God is working out every detail and His hand has been clearly seen from the very beginning. No doubt you have noticed the “pineapple” on the sign, mail outs, and banners publicizing the Munford campus. Although the pineapple will gradually fade away as a symbol, it has created curiosity and communicates the reasons behind starting a Munford campus.

There was a day when the pineapple was a treasure. Not only were they a symbol of hospitality and community, they were expensive and rare. If you had one and shared it with others, it was a great honor. Here’s the connection: We have a great treasure in the gospel. It is more valuable than anything. Just as the man in Scripture discovered a great buried treasure and went and sold all he had to buy the land where it was buried, so the gospel is worth everything we have. Our treasure is the message of Jesus and His great grace and forgiveness. We have this treasure within us, the Scripture says (2 Corinthians 4:7). We are called to share this great treasure with others as we love and live out our faith in every place.

So, what’s happening? Gateway has a God given opportunity to obey the Great Commission (Matthew 28:19-20) in a greater way. . .in a new community. . .to share with people that we might not otherwise be able to reach. We have been given the opportunity to multiply ourselves in a unique way to that this treasure within us can be shared with all who will call on the name of the Lord!

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Gateway on Mission: The Tennants are heading to Ecuador

10653643_10203793130201684_4941057030452860638_nIn January 2015 the Tennant family moved to the Napo region of Ecuador to begin work with Global Orphan Initiative in establishing a children’s home for at-risk and orphaned children. The orphanage will be called “The Oasis” and will include the founding of a church on the property, located in an area that has little or no Christian influence. They will be one of up to six families living on the property and caring for a number of children that will be placed in their home.

You can find the Tennants on Facebook at “Obligado Por El Amor De Cristo!” or follow their blog at TennantsDownSouth.com.

602560_481369801884172_1631422982_nIf you are willing to prayerfully consider partnering with the Tennants and their ministry with G.O.I. in Ecuador. If you will commit to any of the options below, please complete this commitment form below:

If you would like to make donations to the Tennants, you may send a check made out to Gateway, with “Ecuador Orphan Ministry” in the memo section. You may mail the checks to 1915 Rosemark Road, Atoka, TN 38004. For questions, call 901-837-8087.


Acts: Unstoppable We All Have a Story to Tell

UNSTOPPABLE 4We concluded our study of the unstoppable church in the book of Acts.We’ve watched the early church overcome challenge after challenge to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ. We’ve tried to set aside our own notions and experiences about the church and learn from Scripture what it’s really supposed to look like. I’m afraid we fall far short of the beautiful, powerful fellowship of the first century. So, what will we do about it? Are we content to continue on with business as usual? Is it possible that we could experience the same unity, olive, passion, and power as these Spirit filled Christians? The same Spirit that lived in these believers so long ago, also lives in us. He anxiously awaits our surrender to Him and to his plans for the church.

The answer to being like the early church has little to do with schedules, calendars, and events. It has very little to do with buildings and budgets. It has little to do with programs, committees, and meetings. The early church was marked with a deep love for Jesus, and a burning desire to carry His love to the whole world. They never lost sight of the cross. They never lost sight of their first love. They never forgot their task. It was always about Jesus and never about them. may these characteristics come to mark the church at Gateway as we leave behind our notions of church, make the decision to BE the church. May the church once again be UNSTOPPABLE as we reach out to a lost world.

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Acts 17: Unstoppable

UNSTOPPABLE 4Most authentic Christians would say that our culture is in decline. It seems that we are ever moving toward a philosophy that says that there is no real truth. The days of prayer and Scripture in schools are quickly coming to an end. Things that once were seen as shameful, or at least hidden, are now out in the open. Morally and Spiritually, we may be as far away from God as a culture as we’ve ever been. Consequently, we have a huge challenge as believers to share to truth in our society today. We may even wonder if anyone has ever faced these kinds of challenges. The truth of the matter is that the world in which Paul and the Apostles shared the gospel was even more challenging. As we continue our study in the book of Acts, we find Paul and other believers sharing in the cultural milieu of Athens. This proud city was in decline as well, but was still full of godless philosophies, educational elite, and hedonistic lifestyles. There were more false gods and ways of living that we can imagine. How would Paul have the courage to present such a difficult message? How could he overcome the temptation to water down the message to better fit the godless culture? How would he find a way to meet these people right where they were? All of these challenges are ours as well, as we minister in a culture very much like Athens. We will learn from this great missionary our motivations, our message, and our methods, as we seek to point our struggling culture to the only real answer.

Listen on-line or check out the Gateway Atoka podcast on iTunes.

Unstoppable: Living God’s Mission


This has been the theme of our message series in Acts. We have seen so far how the early church shared their faith, took care of each other, had the power of God, and how they lived fearlessly. This weekend we will look at how they lived God’s mission instead of fitting God’s mission into their lives. That sounds like a very minuscule difference, but it is actually a vast difference.

Living God’s assumes that we do what we do in every area of life for Christ and through Christ. Adding God’s mission to our lives assumes that we own our lives and that we will give God time as we can. When we add God He usually is the first thing to go. When we live the mission of God He never gets taken out. I truly believe that is one of the biggest differences between the early church and us today.

So for this Holiday season, and as we look to close one year and start a new one, the challenge is to our perspective on God’s mission. In actuality to change our lives. This sounds scary to us and it can be, but look at the positives to a life lived for Christ. Everything we do here in this short life impacts eternity, especially surrendering to Christ. I don’t know about you but I want to hear the One who gave everything for me say, “Well done good and faithful servant.” Let us strive to please the One who paid it all..

In Him, Alex