ancient church philadelphiaJesus knew the works of the church in ancient Philadelphia.  he knew everything about them, and He knows everything about us.  he only had encouragement for the church in Philadelphia.  Though Satan hated and hindered the church, they did not deny Jesus’ name.  Jesus loved this church and that was enough to empower and encourage them.  he opened a door of opportunity for them that no one could shut.  Twelve hundred years later and it was still holding fast to the name of Jesus.  In fact, it was the last church to fall to Muslim swords in Ancient Turkey.

Philadelphia had a nickname: The Gateway to the East! God gave the church at Philadelphia an open door of opportunity.  It stayed open for twelve hundred years.  God has given another Gateway an open door of ministry and witness.  Will we continue to invite others to come through the door and find the love of Jesus?  If Jesus does not return, is it possible twelve hundred years from now there will be a group of believers here still holding fast to the name of Jesus?  Every time you pass through the doors of our church, pray that God will keep our door of opportunity open!