together we make a differenceIn I Chronicles 14-15, God has just given King David and the children of Israel a great victory over the Philistines! The stolen Ark of the Covenant was restored to Israel. It was a great day for King David and a great day for the entire nation. As a result, the entire nation came together at one time to celebrate what God had done. They all assembled together and they sang, played their instruments, sacrificed, and worshipped the Lord. It even says that David danced and celebrated the great acts of God.

This is not the only time God’s people marked His work with something special. At the crossing of the Jordan River, God told Joshua to place twelve stones from the Jordan in their camp and to place twelve stones in the river representing the twelve tribes of Israel. Why would Joshua do this? It was done to remember the great thing that God had done, and the promises that He had kept. They were to use the monument to talk to their children about the works and promises of God. They were to remember what He had done at the Jordan.

God is pleased when we celebrate Him and His great work. Today, we will celebrate what God has done and is doing. It’s been a busy summer of ministry and mission at Gateway. God has been working in and through His people. Today, may we join together in praise to thank and praise God for ALL that He has done!