Everyone seems to have an idea about how the world will end. Thousands of book have been written on the subject of Christ’s return and the end of the world. Predictions have been made for centuries as to the time and the place of this great event. In truth, although no one knows the detail of Christ’s coming or the end of days, the Bible does clearly teach that one day Jesus will indeed return. The signs of the times remind us that His coming could be near.

With so many ideas about how this will take place, it is easy to get confused about what the bible actually teaches about the return of Christ. One of the places in the Bible where the second coming of Jesus is addressed is in the book of Second Thessalonians. These people were confused about the return of Christ. False teachers were spreading rumors and strange ideas were confusing the believers. Paul wrote this book to clear those things up, and to help prepare these Christians should Christ indeed return in their lifetime. We may never have an answer to all of our questions about the return of Christ, but we must answer the most important question: Am I ready?

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