Almost everyone in our services this weekend believes that Jesus Christ is one day coming again. We believe that He is going to repay evil and set things right. We believe that he is going to give rest to His persecuted children. We believe that He will one day be revealed as King of Kings and Lord of Lords with His mighty angels for all to see.

Yet, here are some questions for all of us: Do we ever really think about His second coming? Is the second coming of Jesus a present reality in our lives day by day? Does the thought of it have any effect on our lives? Unfortunately, for our generation, the answer to these questions seems to be “no.” We believe it, but it doesn’t change us or how we live our lives day in and day out. We understand that He is coming, but it has very little effect on our decisions or our attitudes.

For a variety of reasons, our generation has neglected the doctrine of the second coming. Today’s world and many in the church are full of skepticism and apathy when it comes to Christ’s coming. Others simply aren’t ready for it. All of these responses reveal a misunderstanding of Scripture and the doctrine of Christ’s return. Today, we will conclude our study of II Thessalonians and find some great motivation to live each day excited and ready for His return!

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