This weekend, we concluded our series in Ezekiel called The Road Home.

We have identified with people of Ezekiel’s day in that all of us area capable of wandering away from our Heavenly Father. We have learned that if we would just surrender and give up our own selfish way, that God would receive us with grace. We’ve learned that it is insanity to come home to God hanging on to the very things that took us away from him. We’ve also learned that when we come to Him, he gives us a unified heart that beats only for Him, and a new spirit that gives us power to live out this life in obedience to God.

What does home really look like?

We will see that “being at home with God” is not about a geographical location, but about a relationship that He wants with every one of us. it is my prayer that over the last few weeks, you have begun your journey back to God, and found your Father to be waiting with bated breath for you to come to Him. How much our Father wants to bless us if we would just come to Him!

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