2761One of the most gripping events surrounding the crucifixion of jesus is His encounter with the two thieves that hung next to Him. Have you ever wondered what their lives were like? What kind of home did they grow up in? Had they always been robbers and thieves or had their lives taken a sudden turn? What did they do to receive a death sentence from Rome? Did they look back over their lives and wish they had done things differently? Did they have family at Calvary that day. . . maybe a mother of father that grieved for them and their fate? Maybe the biggest question is how could two men in the same situation react so differently to Jesus? Both of these men hung next to the only man that could save them on their dying day.

We have more in common with these thieves than we would care to admit. The real question is not, “Am I a thief?” The Bible makes it clear that we are just as guilty as these men. The question is, “Which thief am I?”

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