sleeping giant – “one that has great but unrealized or newly emerging power.”

When it comes to ministry, this is certainly true of the church.  The church has all kinds of potential in the gifts and talents of its members, but often remains asleep, snoring and unaware of what it could do if it would wake up to the opportunity all around it.

“Today, we begin to wake up the sleeping giant.”

Imagine a group of Christians that decided that they would use all of their gifts, experiences, personalities, abilities, and passions to honor Go and encourage and strengthen one another.  What if 100% of the people in a local church decided that they had to find a way to live beyond themselves and make a difference for others and the world?  What if every member of a church consciously chose a ministry through their local church designed to make a real difference? What would happen?

You have a chance to choose ministries that fit your gifts, talents, and heart.  As you choose to commit yourself to life changing ministries, you are investing in your own Spiritual growth, you are investing your life in eternal things that can never be taken away, and you are a part of waking up a sleeping giant that can change the world! I’m not sure, but I think I hear an alarm clock going off!