2018 Mission Trips

We were create to serve not just locally, but also in “Judea and Samaria” – or our state and nation, and to the ENDS OF THE EARTH!

Portland, Oregon: September 27 – October 4


THE SIDHOMS – The Sidhoms are at the very beginning stages of planting River City Church in Vancouver, WA. Ask the Lord to guide them as they form their core team and move towards launching in 2018.

Jason Rodgers will lead an evangelistic team to work with the Sidhoms as they plant a church in the northwest. Cost is $1000. This is a level 2 trip. Register & Pay Deposit Here.

Remember that perfect love casts out fear.
Trust the LORD is leading in our life and simply obey!

LEVEL 1: Short travel, safe, same country, same language, any age can go
LEVEL 2: Same as level 1 with a greater challenge culturally
LEVEL 3: International travel, different language and culture, safe, challenging sleeping arrangements, slightly isolated
LEVEL 4: Difficult traveling internationally, different language and culture, challenging living conditions raised security level
LEVEL 5: Extreme traveling internationally, different language and culture, extreme living conditions, raised security level

Putting Action To Acts 1:8


Step 1

Pray over the trips listed and allow the LORD to lead you either to GO or to FINANCIALLY SUPPORT the mission effort.

Step 2

If you are led to give, you may do so here. Be sure to note that this is for mission trips.
If you are led to GO, review the categorized security level of the trip and make sure that you are physically able to join the mission team.

Step 3

Inquire below for more information.

Step 4

Pay your non-refundable deposit. (Link above next to trip description.)

Step 5

Attend training sessions to be be equipped for the task at hand.


Colombia: March 7-15

This trip will be led by Jeff Gautney to work with the Ticuna and Cocama people of Colombia. We will do Bible storying among adults and children as well as disciple leadership. Cost is $1700. This is a Level 4 trip.


THE TENNANTS – Long time Gateway members, t he Tennants moved to Ecuador in 2015 to serve at risk children and their communities in the Amazon region of Ecuador.

Ecuador: March 23-31

This trip will be led by Konnor Kessler during Spring Break. It is designed to expose our students to mission by serving with the Tennants as they minister to the children in Ahauno, Ecuador. Cost is $1500. This is a level 3 trip.

missions booklet 2018.AO

APPALACHIAN OUTREACH- If you’re looking for a great “first mission trip” experience, this is it. AO allows members to try out different capacities of ministry including construction, Kids Clubs, and food distribution.

Appalachian Outreach: June 3-9

This trip will be led by Raymond and Doris Burton and Chris and Lynn Park. This is a great first trip and offers a multitude of ministry outlets such as working with children, construction, food pantry, clothes closet, and more. Cost is $300. This is a level 1 trip.


THE LARKS – This family successfully planted a growing church in Montrose, Colorado. Church 180 has just moved to a new location. The Lord is blessing greatly.

Montrose, Colorado: May 21-28

Church 180 has made great headway in the last 7 years but it is still very dependent upon outside mission teams to keep the work thriving. Johnny and Lisa Christian will lead this trip, which will consist of multiple outreach endeavors from canvassing neighborhoods to hosting a block party. Cost is $1000. This is a level 1 trip.

Madrid, Spain: June 23-20

Jeff and Erin Gautney will lead this trip. We’ll focus on inroads among Muslims, specifically through a sports camp. Cost is $2500. This is a level 4 trip.